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Mak&Malvy is a Ukrainian cosmetics company that produces natural skin care products. The company was founded in 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine, and their products are made with plant-based ingredients such as seaweed extracts and wheat embryo peptides. They use essential oils as fragrances, and their products are certified as safe. Mak&Malvy offers face, body and hair care products.

Shall we get acquainted?
We are Irina and Yana Lysenko, sisters who realized their values and dreams in 2019. That's how the company Mak&Malvy was born. For us, it's a family business where our [enjoyment of the process brings our clients' enjoyment of the result].

The genesis of the company happened long before it had a name. Mastering the process of cream-making, detailed knowledge of cosmetology, [studying the effects of different raw materials on the skin], - all this for 9 years laid the foundation for the emergence of Mak & Malvy.

We created our first products for ourselves and our inner circle. It was a joy to have something in my daily care that made (your skin glow with health) and my dear people ask "when is the next batch". Then came the moment when girlfriends started asking "to make a couple more bottles and how much it costs," wanting to please their girlfriends with a gift already. Then the grateful feedback from our friends multiplied, and more and more questions came in about the products that were already in the plans, but not yet on the list of formulas. So a pleasant turn of events, reinforced by our long-held desire, inspired the creation of Mak&Malvy.

The main mission of Mak&Malvy is [to turn beauty routine into a philosophy of life]. Our team is convinced that each person is woven of unique beauty and daily care is what highlights this uniqueness.

Mind, soul, and body are the three fulcrums that manifest your personality. Our team believes that a balance in the development of each brings a sense of profound confidence. Discipline is the privilege of creators of their own lives. First you work for your habits, and then they work for you, bringing pleasure to the outcome. After all, what you put effort into is appreciated with a special delight. The awareness of your own uniqueness is strengthened every day by the regular cultivation of each of the three pillars.

Assurance of the beauty of your own body is provided by an inseparable triad: physical activity, a healthy diet and proper cosmetic care. It's that perfect formula that in the absence of even one element doesn't work. That is why we make Mak&Malvy cosmetics, to make sure that external care illuminates the internal beauty.

[Accountability to customers for desired results] and their positive feedback is our priority. That's why, combined with innovative technology, the foundation for the high quality of all our products is carefully selected natural ingredients that meet European standards. Mak&Malvy products contain ingredients certified by Ecocert and COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard). This confirms compliance with the level of requirements for organic and natural cosmetic products in Europe.

We guarantee the high level of quality of Mak&Malvy products at every stage thanks to:

Our own production facility, where all products are made. We are 100% sure of the sterility and purity of the process.
Our team of highly qualified professionals who ensure the effectiveness of the products and their suitability for the skin. Our team of technologists and cosmetologists create unique formulas based on our own formulas.
ISO 22716 certification and compliance of all products, confirming the safety of all ingredients and compliance with technical regulations.
Starting your own business, as well as having a baby, is a very responsible decision. That's why, by providing the right level of conditions, we create products that aim to solve problems, not disguise them.

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2023-04-10 08:54:52
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