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In difficult times, we cannot remain indifferent to those who need help. And given that the team of our Inter-Biz Systems company is, first of all, people who do any business with love and faith that our joint efforts, creativity and help will be useful and bring good to the world of the same people, we took a responsible the solution is to continue to be active and help the city of Dnepropetrovsk, where we are located, and everyone who comes to us with their history! >>>

REMHolod - sale of refrigeration equipment in Kharkov

Today, in most cases, coolant is the most demanded for maintaining the desired temperature in refrigerators, chests, freezers and display cases. But in fact, all air conditioners also work for cooling, which indicates the need for coolant for any other enterprises and organizations. >>>

Car service equipment

You know that a professional car tool is in great demand not only among service stations, but also preferred by private car owners, car rental companies and other car traders. And all because quality is confidence in tomorrow's plans or quick restoration of the car with the help of tools and dexterous hands of professionals. Everyone needs a tire fitting as efficiently and quickly as possible, preferably mobile and preferably the one that is always with you in the car. >>>

Vaccines and their shortcomings in 2020

A vaccine is not only a mini particle of a virus or bacteria in saline, but an extremely toxic drug, which includes: heavy metals, mercury, aluminum, formaldehydes, polysorbate-80, aborted fetal DNA and other deadly components! And why is it added to the vaccine? Do you already know the answer to this question? >>>

Personal protective equipment

It would seem that the body does not feel strongly and clearly the harmful substances and heavy metals that a person inhales while working in industries such as metalworking, mining or manufacturing companies. But ignoring respiratory protection equipment is extremely dangerous. >>>

Unique offer from the company Inter-Biz

Since April 1st, 2017, a unique offer from Inter-Biz. Update your old site for the requirements of search engines in 2017 you can only for 10000 UAH! The action will start on April 1st, 2017. >>>

Exclusive custom-made cuisine in Dnipro

Custom kitchens in the river - what issues arise from the owners kitchen and what you should pay attention. Manufacturing of furniture to order - out or a waste of money? >>>

metal MAXIMA

Leaking roof? The time has come update the roofing material! You can buy metal roofing in Dnepropetrovsk to create comfort and convenience. Contact us! We are happy to pick up a product that is ideal for your conditions. Let your home will always be warm and dry! >>>

Desheli deceit!

The ads You see about Desali in Ukraine, as in other and in Russia - IS a FRAUD, as many other advertising! Because Advertising companies are not responsible for the information provided by the advertiser! >>>

Solid fuel boiler

We have already met the heating of the school, a kindergarten, a country house or premises promіshlennogo solid fuel, where the raw material for heating are wood, wood waste, sawdust and peat briquettes, sod peat and stone a coal, anthracite. >>>

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    In difficult times, we cannot remain indifferent to those who need help. And given that the team of our Inter-Biz Systems company is, first of all, people who do any business with love and faith that…

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