Enterprises, companies and organizations by type of activity

Advertising services, informational services, exhibitions, fairs45
Agricultural machines & equipment15
Fertilizers, humates4
Air conditioners & ventilation systems13
All for cultural rest6
Theatres, cinemas, libraries3
All for rest23
Beauty salons, solarium7
Health resorts, sanatoria, boarding houses, bases and rest houses, children's camp7
Restaurants, bars, cafe, pizzerias12
Saunas, baths, swimming pool, diving pool, indoor pool7
Sport clubs, fitness clubs7
The sport goods, the goods for hunting and fishing8
Yachts, small ships & boats, production, lease0
Animals, birds, fishes, and all for them8
Auditor services, accounting services15
Banks and the financial companies4
Books & literature3
Broker services and stock exchanges5
Building & construction services56
Building and finishing materials66
Building machines & equipment13
Design operations, designing38
Power supply & energy-saving24
Sanitary engineering & faience7
Varnish, paint & enamel products5
Bureau of translation15
Car rental, vehicle rental13
Car service center, service of cars33
Cars sale spare parts of a car cosmetics48
Charitable foundations and public organisations3
Chemical products & household chemical goods15
Cleaning & equipment6
Clothes, footwear, textile goods, furniture28
Communication facilities, a telecommunication service, telecommunications8
Computers & office equipment15
Program and hardware15
Consulting services & trainings14
Cosmetics, perfumes & toiletry14
Customs services9
Dry-cleaners, wash-house6
Education, training, courses24
Electric goods, products & equipment31
Employment services & crewing & lie detector4
Environmental protection & ecological companies4
Expert assessment & auctions
Express services, post services5
Foodstuff, confectionery products, drinks14
Freight companies & services, aviation companies & services16
Fuel, oiliness, mineral oil3
Gas supply, gasification11
Geology, geodesy, cartography9
Glass, mirrors, stained-glass windows and products from them11
Hairdressing saloons, hairdressers’ tools and equipment3
Household & garden tools & equipment6
Jewelry, precious stones & metals6
Joiner's products, wood, saw-timbers5
Landscape design, gardening7
Legal & notarial services, attornies23
Manufactured goods, the consumer goods22
Посуда столовая и барные аксессуары5
Manufacturing of the seals, stamps, facsimile4
Marine and ship equipment, supply and agency, ship repair1
Measuring devices, scales and the weight equipment12
Medical preparations, medical institutions13
Medical services28
Metals colour, ferrous metals, metal wares13
Mine of iron, uranium, manganous ores and accompanying minerals2
Musical instruments and the equipment2
Optics, glasses, contact lenses3
Overalls, working clothes, bumpless inventory6
Packages & packing17
Patent bureau, patenting3
Project development, projections32
Publishing houses, polygraphy18
Realty, real estate agencies8
Safes, locks & metal boxes1
Safety systems, security systems, protection systems13
Shopping centers, supermarkets & shops43
Standardization, production certification, laboratory researches1
The aviation companies, aviation services
The equipment industrial, food, trading, fire, refrigerating, etc.70
The goods and services for office44
The goods for children15
The goods for the house49
Carpets & floor coverings1
Crockery, ceramics, porcelain8
Furniture, furniture fittings34
House plants, flowers, plants5
Jalousie, curtains, curtains, eaves7
The heating equipment, boiler, heating systems36
The insurance companies, insurance4
The mining equipment14
Explosive substances & materials, explosive equipment0
Mine automation2
Mine electrical equipment5
Mine machines6
Mine support equipment6
Mine transport2
Mineral dressing0
Repair materials and tools2
Stationary machines0
The organisation of holidays and celebrations, show business12
Tour agencies & travel services11
TV & radio company
Water supply, the water drain, water treating17
Windows, doors, gate, barriers24
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