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The state of ecology - does Ukraine need industrial filtration?

Both the Ministry and its sub-structures have long "established" control and issuance of permits and licenses for the conduct of business activities of enterprises that pollute the environment in one way or another.

It is thanks to their "clear and well-coordinated work" that the tendency of total spoilage of natural reservoirs and air has been determined in Ukraine. But how else if our ministers walk around the country wearing gas masks!?
But no! I did not see any! Paradox!
Then why do most enterprises fail to comply with cleaning standards before discharging them into the atmosphere, but give a bribe to obtain an authorization document?? Cheaper? Spitting on the environment? They in Ukraine do not live??
забрудненість областей України
It's strange, but those who give bribes, go to the same company and breathe the same gases. Enemies to themselves ?? I do not know how the system in other countries is adjusted in detail, but the state clearly covers with the help of the Ministry a very substantial income item and a perspective one from the point of view of the effectiveness of environmental safety for all who live in Ukraine!
Pollution ratings are compiled and spread in the media by OTHER ECOLOGISTS, who have long been blowing a bugle and knocking on all doors.
 ECOLOGISTS in Ukraine
OTHER  - societies that are not indifferent to the deplorable state of ecology in Ukraine, but this is not state structure that has been established at the expense of taxes of people who can no longer breathe this air and have long been drinking filtered water ....!
What can I say about MinProrod? Like much in Ukraine - the Ministry is created for what or for whom? But, as already clear, NOT FOR PEOPLE!
Who does not have enough money in the budget? Are all the well-known production enterprises Nasha Ryaba (Mironovsky Hliboprodukt CJSC) and Poninkovskaya Cardboard and Paper Mill (Poninkovskaya Paper Factory-Ukraine Ltd.) fined all the production facilities that violate the norms for discharging harmful substances into water bodies?
 Why are not they fined for spontaneous garbage dumps, for abnormal emissions of production waste at ferroalloy and pipe plants of the state, for uncontrolled deforestation and amber mining? About the Constitution of Ukraine, it's probably even pointless to mention it. Everyone sees the current realities of Ukraine, where the power belongs to the "parasites" that kill the state, people living in it and themselves!
No master on the spot? Well, let's close the structure of the Ministry of Nature and, according to the new requirements, all power to the PEOPLE (*)?
After all, according to the new law of December 2017, according to the European Integration, future environmental objects will be examined with the direct participation of the people's opinion. In this case, it remains to be believed that in the report the enterprise will give exactly the opinion of the people (people who will be in close proximity to the facility), on the territory of the settlement which will change the ecological situation and possibly affect the further life activity in general.
What can I say, about industrial cities, where every second plant officially does not work, but the products of processing and roll from the pipes. The first in such a special Dnipro registry (Dnepropetrovsk). загрязнение атмосферы в Днепропетровской области
The dirtiest in Ukraine is the Dnipropetrovsk region!
The pollution rating of the regions of Ukraine was compiled taking into account a number of indicators. In particular, the list of criteria was: emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, discharge of sewage mine-pit, collector-drainage water, the proportion of drinking water that does not meet the quality standards, creating especially hazardous wastes І-ІІІ, concentration of nitrates in the soil, and the average annual dose of radon irradiation received by a person who spends 80% of the time in a room.
What are you breathing, friend? Are you still breathing? Also it is not terrible? And the employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources are in Ukraine? Or are they wearing gas masks?
Dear rulers and leaders of the country, if you are still in Ukraine - do not expect that trouble will bypass you! And God forbid that your family is affected by ecological chaos in Ukraine!
Try to prevent the tragedy in your Ukrainian family, so you will prevent the tragedy in Ukraine!
More details in the original sources, The future of Ukraine is in our hands:
 The choice of each ...
* At the end of 2017, the Law of Ukraine "On Environmental Impact Assessment" came into force. According to the new procedures, now numerous inspections are necessary at all industrial / production facilities. How will the activity of enterprises be assessed in a new way? What will happen in case of non-compliance? What role does the public play in making public decisions concerning the environment?

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