Rules for posting information on the site

Information posted on may be deleted by the publisher without warning, in case of violation of one of the above points.

It is forbidden to post:

  1. information about goods and services that do not comply with the legislation of Ukraine;
  2. illegally obtained private and confidential information;
  3. information that violates the copyrights of third parties;
  4. information with a lot of grammatical errors;
  5. informational texts using discharge (spelling words with spaces between letters), using words typed in CAPITAL letters. The exceptions are abbreviations consisting of the initial letters of abbreviated words;
  6. information not related to conducting business activities, including, but not limited to: personal photo albums, fan clubs of football clubs, music groups;
  7. identical names of goods and services of one company (including those for placement in various categories of the catalog);
  8. re-registration on of the company, which is already presented on the site (duplication of the company);
  9. pornographic and obscene content;
  10. violence related content;
  11. spam, malware and viruses (including links);
  12. information about making money on the Internet.
  13. information related to offers of direct sales, network marketing (Mary Kay, Avon, Amway), dietary supplements, etc.
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