the guestHow to place a company?


To be placed in the catalog, you must first register, after which you, specifying your username and password, get access, where you choose a package for placement. There, enter your information by editing in the CMS editor.

the guest: Why should I stay with you?


The main advantages of working with us that fully justify the investment:

  1. The work of your information page for certain keywords in all popular search engines.
  2. Placement of your information in accordance with the type of activity and possible service regions in the business catalog, which today has high traffic.
  3. Advantages - information about you will be available in all regions of Ukraine and the CIS countries wishing to use your services, goods (a business audience that uses the Internet to search for business partners and / or uses this business directory all the time).
  4. A steady increase in the number of visits of an interested Internet audience to your site by clicking from your information page in this portal to it.

Target audience of the Rudana portal: corporations, large enterprises, organizations, VIP intelligentsia - Internet users.

The main tasks of the Rudana portal are: informing and searching for useful, interesting contacts for business and personal growth, advertising a business on the Internet, the company's work in search engines.

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