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Hello, dear people of Ukrainian lands!
Health to the whole world, health and good news to people of all countries!
♦  ♦ 

In difficult times, we cannot remain indifferent to those who need help.
And given that the team of our Inter-Biz Systems company is, first of all, people who do any business with love and faith that our joint efforts, creativity and help will be useful and bring good to the world of the same people, we took a responsible the solution is to continue to be active and help the city of Dnepropetrovsk, where we are located, and everyone who comes to us with their history!

But on the path of helping and getting to know families and stories, we have decided to open a collection on an ongoing basis for all of you, so that each of you can take part in the rescue - yes, in the rescue!
Sometimes saving physically isn't everything. To save morally, to pull out of the quagmire of fear and hopelessness is even more important, but also more difficult.
Now we are opening a collection for targeted assistance to everyone with whom we interact today!
so we decided to call our collection ♦  ♦  our help is targeted!
What are we doing:

1. Targeted assistance to people who arrived from military hot spots:
- food,
- clothes,
- household and hygiene products,
- medicines, medical equipment and the like,
- money,
- accommodation (from finding a place to transfer),
- psychological assistance,
- children's animators,
- medical assistance,
- socialization (communication and acquaintance with the city),
- transport services in the city of Dnepropetrovsk / Dnipro.
We pay for all services with your help, our wards receive free help, free of charge!
2. Help for animals and other pets, both those who have arrived from military hot spots, and those who have became redundant or inconvenient.
- food,
- hygiene products and special equipment,
- medicines, medical equipment and other similar equipment,
- warm blankets, diapers, rugs, etc.,
- money,
- provision of animals in foster care or animal shelters,
- transportation of animals around the city of Dnepropetrovsk / Dnipro.
We pay for all services with your help, our wards receive free help, free of charge!
3. Assistance to low-income or temporarily disabled people in the city of Dnipro/Dnepropetrovsk who lost their jobs due to military operations or due to the previous pandemic.
- food,
- clothes,
- household and hygiene products,
- medicines, medical equipment and other similar equipment,
- psychological assistance,
- medical assistance,
- transport services in the city of Dnepropetrovsk / Dnipro.
4. We also continue to support our volunteers from other cities.:
- Severodonetsk,
- Мариуполь,
- Mariupol,
- Kyiv,
- Kharkov.
5. We continue to provide all information support on the Internet for free.:
- informational posts in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter),
- reposts on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter),
- a set of advertising and informational texts for volunteers,
- connection of visitors from the war zones to groups in the city of Dnipro (groups according to needs),
- search for the necessary information, medicines. We also provide assistance in finding missing relatives,
- we will help you to renew your domain and ensure the site’s performance, provided that the site has an important function and brings us closer to victory!
♦  ♦ 
We want to help everyone who contacted us, and now they write to us day and night, and I believe that
♦  ♦ 
You can use any convenient and affordable way to money transfer:
1. Card for replenishment, marked Alive-I help
MonoBank card (UniversalBank) 4441114443817869, recipient Natalia B.
2. Payment via PayPal: m_dima@3g.ua; roberto.radrigas@icloud.com
3. Transfer to account via link
For corporate clients and payment via IBAN
♦  ♦ 
1. Recipient Maltsev Dmitry Valerievich
IBAN UA053220010000026206304179566 UniversalBank
TIN/EDRPOU 3043219910
Purpose of payment
To replenish the card 4441114461598888, Dmitry Maltsev, Zhiva-I help
♦  ♦ 
2. Beneficiary Natalia Georgievna Budanova
IBAN UA103220010000026208305717828 UniversalBank
TIN/EDRPOU 2885013209
Purpose of payment
To replenish the card 4441114443817869, Natalia Budanova, Zhiva-I help
♦  ♦ 
3. Below you will find the details of the FLP monobank account for replenishment using SWIFT in US dollars (currency only US dollars, $)
Beneficiary (Beneficiary)
IBAN UA613220010000026004310000382
Receiver PE
PE BUDANOVA NATALIIA, Ukraine, reg. Dnipropetrovska, c. Dnipro, st. Mykhaila Hrushevskoho, build. 49, fl. 13
Account with Institution (Bank of the Beneficiary)
swift code
Intermediary (Intermediary Bank)
account number
swift code
Details of payment (Purpose of payment)
Alive-I help on the emergency card number
4. Below you will find the account details of FLP monobank (Universal Bank) for replenishing an account in the Ukrainian hryvnia currency:
FOP Natalia Georgievna Budanova
IBAN UA133220010000026001310037626
TIN/EDRPOU 2885013209
Joint Stock Company UNIVERSAL BANK
MFO 322001
OKPO Bank 21133352
♦  ♦ 
If you have any questions or have a problem with the translation / sending of help, please contact me personally, the head of IT technologies Inter-Biz Systems, Natalia:
mob/viber: +38(050)978-07-92.
♦  ♦ 
All the incredible feelings in the world mean less than one good deed! ♦  ♦  We warm our hearts and souls, we will do more than depends on us for peace and prosperity in Ukraine!

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