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Kindergartens and their fictitious indicators in the Dnipro

Each parent is early, and sometimes later thinks about the question of where to give the child after 2 years. It is a garden for children's municipal or private garden or simply to carry the child to different development centers from morning till night and all to control / be involved in the development of the child and at the same time to pay for the leisure of the.
For the sake of justice I want to note that it is necessary to think about our native Dnipra about this the sooner, the better, as all the well-known queues in the garden chosen by you can spoil your plans and the mood of the child to visit the garden.
But even in this case there is no 100% guarantee that the child will go to the garden at the right time or place you need.
The program offers many options from the state, but, unfortunately, none of them works.
Consider option #1:CEI #141 Dnipro Ukraine

Registration and placing in the queue of the child on the electronic registration site (https://reg.isuo.org/ru/about),
where "it is possible to apply for registration of a child in need of identification in a preschool educational institution in the education department of the district administration (at the place of residence) .For successful registration of your child in the electronic queue when filling out the application form, you need to provide reliable information. You can only apply to one kindergarten, if necessary, you can change the chosen kindergarten by contacting the person in charge."

Where on the same resource it is stated that "The filing in electronic form of the application ensures the preliminary registration of the child in the electronic queue with the determination of the registration date, which is the basis for the formation of the order." And in other words, it does not guarantee ANYTHING!
This is if we omit the wording that was higher (taken from the official resource, the above) "of a child in need of identification in a pre-school educational institution." The very concept of the NEED of many confuses and therefore the parents go the second way.

Consider option #2:
Search for private gardens and development centers with an incomplete day of stay.
Of course, our state officials tried and provided many options for every taste and purse.
Guarantees that the child will go to such a garden will be equal to almost 100%, but then the other side of the medal turns on - it's a part-time job, there is no official feeding of children, therefore parents usually have to think about how and what to feed and how to take it when the child over. And here's another point - in private gardens the cost for staying is not recalculated if the child was sick or absent until 5 days. Of course there are exceptions, but in most cases no. And the cost itself is often not real for the average family. What makes it clear to an ordinary citizen of Ukraine that you are nobody, I do not want to have you, and your child is your problem. And since when is the average citizen with equal rights, as citizens with a higher level of income can not give the child to the garden. Discrimination, division and obvious not assistance to ordinary citizens and in such matters as the definition of a child after reaching the age of 2 in the Kindergarten, not as a needy but as having the full right to do so!

And the third option, which many parents in the old fashioned way is kept in reserve - to make grandparents happy with their children or children, at the time of their parents' work. This option is the most guaranteed, but not socially adapted for the development of the child.

To parents could not knock at the authorities, where they will need to officially respond to the lack of places in kindergartens, an electronic queue was invented. After all, it means that the work is being done. But here I will reveal to many parents a big secret. Electronic queue is a fiction that does not protect yours, parents are right!
Otherwise, how can you call the situation in the Cathedral area with the ?

There is the same electronic queue, there are children who go there to get in, BUT ATTENTION !!!!
In fact, the garden is no longer there !!!!
The screen of the electronic queue in the CEI #141 for September 2018:


The queue at the kindergarten ghost #141 Dnipro Ukraine

The queue at the kindergarten ghost #141 Dnipro Ukraine

The queue at the kindergarten ghost #141 Dnipro Ukraine


Screen of complaints from parents:




The fact from official sources about informal scams:

More about Children's Educational Institution #141 read in the next issues on this resource (information is collected and is being prepared for publication in 3 languages on independent resources)!

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