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A vaccine is not only a mini particle of a virus or bacteria in saline, but an extremely toxic drug, which includes: heavy metals, mercury, aluminum, formaldehydes, polysorbate-80, aborted fetal DNA and other deadly components! And why is it added to the vaccine?
Do you already know the answer to this question?

A video in which a well-known politician and journalist will answer many of your questions and reveal the secret that they hide from people https://mandateforchoice.com/ Click on the link to watch the movie!

Or YouTube version for those who did not open the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu1KshBIIGE&app=desktop (you need to copy and paste it into the browser or in the field for entering the url of the website address).

Интервью с Робертом Кеннеди-младшим и Дель Бигтри

In developed countries, pharmaceutical companies, vaccine manufacturers, as well as state-owned healthcare companies, legally offset the effects of vaccination. Moreover, some sources have access to data for how much compensation was paid, but they are not one-time and not in the amount of UAH 5,000 UAH. Believe me.
And here is another question - if with such care and such faith in favor, the Ministry of Health strongly recommends making vaccines, WHY DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM (this applies to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus) ?? Although in Europe and the USA not everyone knows how to prove the damage to health from vaccinating a child, and even more so it is legal to receive compensation.

And while developed countries are thinking about how to reconcile the minds of thinking parents with mass investments in government agencies from the pharmaceutical industry, vaccines are delivered to Ukraine from the same developed countries according to the Ministry of Health’s program ..
Masmedia is already preparing everyone for the flu vaccine, great! And who will take responsibility for the consequences? Vaccine manufacturer? It would be good, or maybe even the Ministry of Health - after all, the Ministry GUARANTEES that vaccination is FOR HEALTH!
But in fact, each person after the consequences of the vaccine fights the consequences himself and even declare that it is the CONSEQUENCES OF THE VACCINATION only to relatives and friends!

But even this will save a thousand children!
Some already refuse thoughtless vaccination, and we still believe that the Ministry of Health is safety, protection and all the actions of the Ministry exclusively for the good of the nation ..
I would like to believe, but there are doubts.

The article was written to inform people about the opportunity to make the right decisions and their willingness to resist the risks that are 1000 times higher than the risk of smokers getting lung cancer. By the way, the Ministry of Health warns!

For the good of the nation!
May our children bring JOY and be HEALTHY!


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