Collaboration with Inter-Biz White Directory

The project is one of the Inter-Biz Company's white directories and presents on its pages only selected verified information in various fields of activity of Ukrainian and foreign companies, which attracts a certain contingent of users and every client-user is not accidentally caught but deliberately involved, who collects information in an area of ??interest to him.

An added benefit of all the companies featured on this portal is their ability to effectively present their products / services as well as their promotions or presentations.

We are also ready to publish your information in 3 languages:

  • placement in Russian,
  • accommodation in Ukrainian,
  • placement in English (there is a non-student and a non-Google translator).

Yet your information will never appear on unworthy resources or sites that violate the laws of Ukraine, we are opponents of entertainment sites that violate censorship. In the light of the existence of many landfill sites, where any site is automatically accepted, which will not give you a positive effect on the placement! And this is an important factor for a positive rating of your site!

Themed link exchange remains an effective way to increase the "weight" of the site in the eyes of search engines and, by virtue of its thematic nature, as a way to attract additional visitors, the Rudan portal utilizes this technology to its fullest potential. The results of our work in the pictures are here >>>

We suggest you place your business on our site and / or write a letter of administration requesting placement. This will give you additional opportunities to fight for the leading position of the TOP 10 search engine.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that free placement in our catalog is just as possible, BUT in this case our marketers do not tailor your information to the requirements of Google, to the keywords you need for them to work in search results, and to full SEO optimization. In case of FREE ACCOMMODATION the client only places his information!

While Paid Placement includes all steps aimed at correctly and quickly increasing the visibility of your business information in GOOGLE search results.

If you are ready to calculate the cost of placement in our white Rudan catalog, you will understand how easy and fast you can get the TOP 10 you need in search results.

Examples of paid pages in the Rudan directory are here and just above in the text.

резултаты работы Рудана каталога

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