Mining enterprises

Mining enterprises produce a full range of iron ore raw materials: lump and fine iron ore, iron ore concentrate, pellets and sinter. The production capacities owned by the mining enterprises of Ukraine make it possible not only to provide domestic metallurgical plants with raw materials, but also to export up to 60% of domestic iron ore raw materials, which is about 23 million tons. Of the countries importing Ukrainian iron ore, the largest are Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They account for about 3/4 of Ukrainian imports, as well as Austria, Romania and Serbia.

Belozersky iron ore district, which includes the Severo-Belozerskoye, Yuzhno-Belozerskoye and Pereverzevskoye iron ore deposits, has a significant place in the Ukrainian industry. This group of deposits is located in the southern part of the Vasilevsky and Veselovsky districts of the Zaporizhzhya region. They are located 75 km from the city of Zaporozhye and 25 km from the city of Dneprorudny. The iron ore region is stretched in the submeridial direction for 40 km from the Kakhovsky reservoir in the north, to the village of Vesyoloye in the south. The South Belozersky deposit in the Belozersky iron ore district occupies the central part, representing a strip of rocks with a width of 150 ... 250 m of sub-latitudinal strike with a length of 2.6 km. Almost 60% of the reserves of deposits are rich ores, which contain more than 60% of iron and do not require enrichment. The development of these reserves is carried out by Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Combined Closed Joint-Stock Company

The uranium industry of Ukraine is based on the largest reserves of uranium ores, concentrated mainly within the Kirovograd region. In terms of total uranium reserves, Ukraine is among the top ten countries in the world. The vast majority of reserves are explored to high categories of knowledge, which determines their high preparedness for industrial development. Only proven reserves are able to meet the more than 100-year-old need of Ukrainian nuclear power plants for natural uranium. Significant forecast resources are concentrated in traditional uranium deposits located in the albites of the Ukrainian crystalline shield. In general, Ukraine occupies a worthy place in the top ten countries in the field of nuclear energy both in the amount of generated electricity, and in its specific gravity, and in the amount of natural uranium produced.

The largest Nikopol manganese ore pool in the world in terms of manganese ore reserves is of great economic importance, as The metallurgical industry requires manganese ferroalloys to produce high-quality steels. According to the methods of developing the manganese layer, the basin is conditionally divided into two parts: the eastern one, where more than 40% of the reserves are concentrated, developed mainly by the underground method using the mines of the Manganese Mining and Processing Plant OJSC, and the western one, by the open method using the quarries of the Ordzhonikidze Mining OJSC processing plant. " By the volume of use in Ukraine, manganese ores occupy the second place among ferrous ores. Their main part, which is 95 ... 97%, goes to ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. A small part of manganese ores is used in the chemical industry, ceramic and glass industries. Their reserves are about 2 billion tons.


Mining mining enterprises, enterprises engaged in the production of equipment for heavy industry.

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